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Our specially designed Filter Press is widely accepted in industries ranging from oil industries, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, refineries, water project, paint industries & sugar mills. Our Filter press are designed to give maximum filtration efficiency, longer life and least maintenance. Available in different sizes and with varied capacities. 

Our Filter Press comes in variety of sizes, Plates and Frame types and are made from high grade C.I. casting. We have different models in this machine with different types of filtering capacity.


  • Robust construction.
  • Easy & Quick Cleaning.
  • Precision machining ensuring no leakage.
  • Made from high graded CI casting.
  • Ratchet System for high output filters.
  • Coupled with plunger pump for proper running


Plate Type
Sizes Approx Filtration Motor
12" X 12" X 12 Plates  500 Kg

1 Hp

14" X 14" X 14 Plates  1000 Kg

1 Hp

18" X 18" X 18 Plates  3000 Kg

2 Hp

24" X 24" X 24 Plates  6700 Kg

3 Hp

24" X 24" X 30 Plates

 8400 Kg

3 Hp

30" X 30" X 30 Plates

  12-16 Ton

5 Hp

36" X 36" X 36 Plates

 24-25 Ton

7.5 Hp

Plate & Frames Type
Sizes Approx Filtration Motor

30" X 30" X 30 Plates & 29 Frames

 19 Ton

7.5 HP

36" X 36" X 36 Plates & 35 Frames

 30 Ton

7.5 HP

The filtering capacity varies with the viscosity of the oil & liquids and with the amount of the sediments contained there in.

Seco Neutrilizer

Neutralizers offered by us is available for refining of various vegetable oil in batch type units. These refineries are suitable for all types of oil whether edible or non edible. Oil Refinery machine consists of various equipments like seed preparatory equipments, seed cooking equipments, oil press also called as oil expellers, filter pumps, plate filter press and other equipments. Various capacities available for oil milling  machinery from small scale suitable for small villages and farmers as well as medium to  large scale.

These are highly efficient in refining of oil and ensure production of quality final product. These can be customized to satisfy specific customer requirements


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